We sat down with Project Manager Gary Hartong to get a few personal insights into the work Wooten Technologies is doing for our public works department friends. Here’s what we learned.

What drives the product development at Wooten Technologies?
Gary: “Wooten Technologies develops simple and affordable software for our clients to better manage their infrastructure systems.”

What makes this software so simple and affordable?
Gary: “Founded with the local governments and private utilities whose public works staff has little to no IT or GIS support in mind, our software provides flexible, cloud-based services accessible from any tablet, phone or computer, eliminating expensive software updates or hard drive storage additions.”

With AMOS 1.0 having just been released, tell us a little more.
Gary: “The Asset Management Operating System helps our clients locate and assess utility conditions, maintain regulatory compliance and actively plan for future capital improvements projects. AMOS also ensures that the years of ‘inside information’ from the retiring baby boomers is archived for the next generation of field operators. The 24/7 availability of this information provides essential information during emergency conditions, allows repair work to be accurately managed, and also positions our clients to easily demonstrate ‘critical need’ for Federal and State funding programs.”

What makes AMOS different from other solutions on the market?
Gary: “AMOS distinguishes itself through ease-of-use, reasonable pricing and its lack of need for GIS expertise. With AMOS, any utility operator has the ability to easily view, edit and store information from the field using drop down menus and calendars that keep actual ‘text’ entry to a minimum. Our pricing is a flat fee per month, the data is secure and backed up, and, with no permanent creation or deletion of GIS data, operators do not need to worry about making mistakes that might affect the system layout. It’s worth mentioning too that our solutions work side-by-side with and are supported by 78 years of engineering design expertise”

How do your clients benefit from the support of such experienced engineers?
Gary: “As a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Wooten Company, Wooten Technologies’ development includes the guidance of some of the industry’s most seasoned veterans, and operates in harmony with engineering consultants to offer an even higher level of service. For example, using AMOS to keep utilities data current mitigates the opportunity for inaccuracies and allows surveyors, engineers, construction administrators and observers to provide more efficient and more accurate design when expansions or rehabilitations are needed. The data it catalogs is critical to project planning, funding and design, and is equally useful during construction when unknown conflicts or conditions are often encountered. Wooten Technologies’ software allows our clients to cut costs by managing their assets in-house and to easily provide accurate and up-to-date data with the click of a button.”

Gary Hartong is a Branch Manager and sits on the Board of Directors at The Wooten Company, where he has provided project management, planning, funding, engineering design and construction administration for a wide range of infrastructure projects since 1998.  Gary is the lead Project Manager at Wooten Technologies, working with small and mid-sized municipalities and private utilities to develop solutions that help advance the foundations of their communities.

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